La Push to Vancouver Island

Overnight, the waves at La Push had disintegrated into small, crumbly, short period windswell. Uninspired and hoping for better surf on Vancouver Island, we packed in a hurry and were on the road by 10 AM, racing to catch the 12:30 ferry.We were the last car to board the ferry in Port Angeles. Elated, we raced along the deck to the bow as the ferry horn blew. We ate cheese, crackers and charcuterie as we chugged across the sound towards Canada. Across the sound, the tidy port town of Victoria seemed shiny and toylike, with little yellow water taxis zipping around the harbor, colorful umbrellas dotting oceanfront patios and miniature seaplanes zipping skywards.We met up briefly with Ryan from Guayaki, and he took the time to show us to a local health food store where we stocked up on essentials and kombucha.

It quickly became obvious that Canadians were contenders for the nicest people on earth award. Compliments, friendly advice and a genuine kindness seemed to be the norm, adding up perfectly with this prosperous, beautiful and rule-abiding country. Perhaps the rumor that Canada’s entire population was smaller than LA was true, meaning there were simply less people to get annoyed by. In contrast, we felt unruly, rebellious and rude.The drive to our campsite in Parkville was a bit of a grind. Everyone was ready to be outside the bus, exploring Canada. We had a campground rondeveau planned with another Vanagon traveler we had met along the road back in Fort Bragg, California.

Mackenzie drove a forest green synchro with Audi wheels, a custom built interior and wood paneled ceiling.We linked the vans with a strand of twinkly lights and circled around the crackling campfire with ukulele and mate cocktails in hand.The sprawling, tidy campground was set amidst a beautiful redwood and Fern forest on the Vancouver Island sound. Across the sound, mist-shrouded, snow-topped mountains were visible towards the horizon.After a vegetable curry with grilled salmon dinner prepared by Madison, we shared s'mores and swapped stories by the fire until it was nearly midnight.