Day 9: Portland Laundry Day

The day in Portland flew by. We did three loads of laundry, ate Voodoo donuts, hit up a couple of breweries and updated the Girl Bus Vibes blog. At five, we headed towards the airport to pick up Zac and Madison, and drop LA off for his flight to New York. It was a bittersweet bon voyage.

Buzzed up on mate, we flew back to downtown to grab a quick bite and hatch our plans for the week ahead. Maps were consulted and possible routes and agendas discussed. We made the call to push towards La Push, Washington, out on the Olympic Peninsula in hopes of finding waves and solitude.
From Portland, it was a short drive out to the Columbia River gorge and our destination for the night. The bus rolled into Cyrus Sutton’s driveway at quarter past ten, greeted by the excited yaps of his foxy pup, Miley.

Cyrus had recently moved to the property and was in the process of unpacking his van and making improvements to the space, but he welcomed us with open arms. We sat on cushions on the floor beside a wood burning stove, sipped kombucha, talked van life and and generally enjoyed our time together.