Day 7: Oregon coast to Sunset Beach State Park

Searching for coffee in Oregon is not a quest for Starbucks’ green lady, but scanning parking lots and driveways for drive thru coffee huts. We hit our first Dutch Bros after a morning rain shower had us packing up camp before we’d fully woken up.

At the drive through window, we were greeted by the world’s happiest barista. She could not have been more ecstatic to hear about our road trip, that this was our first Dutch Bros experience or that LA wanted almond milk in his Americano. It was contagious –We giggled for three blocks.

Our first roadside attraction stop of the day was at the Prehistoric Garden. Dinos peeked out of the redwoods and from behind ferns. It was kitschy and awesome.Next we pulled off for a pitstop at a chainsaw wood carving roadside outdoor store. There was big foot. There was a 15 foot tall fire-breathing dragon. There was a chainsaw-wielding wood carver man with wood chips flying everywhere. A detour off the 101 sent us out to Cape Arapo near Coos Bay, where we found our second luxurious Oregon campground at Sunset Beach State Park. 

After setting up camp, we cruised down to the bay to enjoy an evening paddle. The tide was low and the reef was exposed, covered in seaweed and sea anemones. As we packed up our gear, the sun set and lit up the rain clouds on the horizon.