Day 1: Leaving Santa Cruz

Packing was hilarious and not easy. A steady stream of Girl Bus Vibes supporters dropped by the Woods’ driveway, bringing snacks, Topo Chico water, a dog, travel advice and well wishes.

We needed the quintessential flat lay shot, all our gear laid out in a grid with the bus in the background. The only problem was, after we laid out all of our cute gear; the colorful gas and water cans, the shiny new toys from Instax Fujifilm, GoPro, DJI III drone, Salt Surfboards, SnowPeak camping gear, the blue Yeti cooler, Rip Curl wetsuits and Bailey the basset hound, there was still a huge pile of not cute gear sitting in the driveway outside the frame of the photo.
So when we actually packed the van, reality won and we had a nearly impossible amount of stuff to fit inside Lady Liberty.

What got left behind: light-up margarita glasses, a hamburger hat, Gretchen’s passport (accidentally), Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, Annie’s pillow
What we brought: 4 surfboards, 10 wetsuits, Goal Zero solar power charging station, camping gear, camera gear, Yeti cooler, a week’s supply of Guayaki and Kind Bars, 3 GoPros, 4 Instax cameras, 100 rolls of Instax Fujifilm, art supplies, 3 Macbook Pros, 1 fake plant, Costco size supply of baby wipes
We intended to leave at 10 AM, but we didn’t hit the road until almost 4 PM. The cruise up Highway 1 towards San Francisco was both familiar and exciting, passing by Swanton Berry Farm and the world’s nicest Taco Bell on the beach in Pacifica.

LA took the backseat with the cameras. As we whipped around the first hairpin turn, it quickly became obvious that LA was in danger; Our day one packing job was basically a complete failure, and LA was dodging a falling water jug, piles of Instax film, bananas, a gas can and the potted plant with every bend in the road.

We plunged over the Marin headlands just in time for sunset, catching a spectacular show from a pod of frolicking whales. Dinner was a cozy affair in Stinson Beach. We made camp in the funky, artist’s haven of Bolinas, just up the road from Smiley’s bar, where we watched a friend play music in the band King Ropes and drank Lagunitas IPAs.